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Partnerships on the Internet to fulfill the vision

River Ministries (Norfolk) is looking for partners to accomplish the vision God has given us in Watton on the Web. We have many exciting projects that are too much for us to attempt by ourselves and neither do we necessarily have the expertise in the particular field that the project depends.

We want to distribute quality information and material on the Internet. You may have the material but not the technical know how, or you may have the technical know how but not the material.

Two are better than one, because they
have a good return for their work

We want to create partnerships that will bring individuals, groups and organisations together, and thereby fulfill the vision. With full accreditation going to each partner for their work.

There are many projects we would like to see in operation or maybe you have an idea for a project that you need others to see it fulfilled.

If you are interested please contact us, for your offer of partnership may be just the help your organisation needs to reach out to help others

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