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Hosting and Helping Service

Don't let the website become a burden

Watton on the Web as part of it's ministry offers the hosting and helping service that enables a church or an organisation to take control of their destiny on the world-wide web.

We offer three packages set at different levels according to the needs of the organisation - Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. We recommend level 1 for those who are just starting to create a presence of the Internet.

All the packages offer junk mail filters, email distribution lists, email autoresponders, and form to email script.

There is also a free web builder tool and free web resources including software, clipart, photographs web design templates and more. Your personal web-based control panel makes your web presence easy to control.

Watton on the Web also offer free of charge:

  • Half a day consultancy
  • Web site design and layout guidance
  • Access to professional support

Watton on the Web can also provide a further consultancy service and a web page creation service to help novices but of course there would need to be a charge for these services.

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