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About Watton on the Web


Watton on the Web began in 1997 and has grown over the years. In 2004 we introduced the Hosting and Helping Service, which continues to attract new clients.

Watton on the Web is helping churches to achieve their aim in having an effective presence on the world-wide web

Watton on the Web is part of River Ministries (Norfolk), which is a self-funding, independent church, member of the Evangelical Alliance UK and a registered Charity no. 1054419.

Helping churches have a world-wide presence

The church came into being in 2000 as two churches in Watton joined together and God has directed us through several well-known and godly ministries that Watton is to be a resource centre, and that our vision is to be international.

We therefore see Watton on the Web being in part the fulfilment of these prophetic words. The church also has a vision for the local area in Norfolk . We hope through the grace and direction of God to see other churches planted across the county of Norfolk.

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